White City Tel Aviv

​White City Tel Aviv
Did you know that the city of Tel Aviv is another UNESCO World Heritage Site[l1] ? Coined the White City, due to the color of the buildings, Tel Aviv actually houses the largest collection of Bauhaus style building in the world – boasting some 4,000. In the last 15 years, the buildings, designed and built by German immigrants in the early 20th century, have been renovated and restored to their impressive earlier state.  The Bauhaus building traditionally used modern materials without support from external walls.  However, in Tel Aviv you will notice that many Bauhaus buildings are built on pillars and have dangling corners, which create shade and ventilation during the long hot and humid summer
Attractions in White City
The mainstay of White City is located between Allenby Street in the south and the Yarkon River in the north and is easily recognized by its very specific architectural style characterized by its asymmetry and simplicity. The balconies and flat roofs of the Bauhaus buildings have become synonymous with Tel Aviv, and wherever you see such buildings, you are sure to find yourself in a cool neighborhood with a vibrant atmosphere, where tree-lined streets are full of cafes, restaurants and trendy boutiques. One of the most famous streets of the White City is Rothschild Boulevard, which was one of Tel Aviv’s very first streets and was originally designed as a public space. Today it boasts a central park with seating dotted around the many kiosks.  Mazeh and Nachmani Streets leading directly away from the middle of Rothschild Blvd have an impressive number of Bauhaus buildings, while away from Rothschild you can also view Bauhaus style buildings on Gilboa St, Dizengoff Square, Beilinson, Ben Ami and Frug Streets, Yael and Shlomo Hamelech Streets.
The White City even has a Bauhaus Center. The Center acts as a mini Bauhaus Museum, selling all sorts of Bauhaus themed objects. The center also offers walking tours, which take visitors around all the most important architectural sites of the White City. And , of course, interspersed with iconic architecture, you will always find a place to sit down and partake of a refreshing drink as you look in awe at the beauty which surrounds you.
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